You Value Your Vehicle? These are the Reasons You Need a Car Cover

These days, covers are made for all types of vehicle—classic cars, mid-sized sedans, SUVs, compacts—the list goes on. No matter what kind of vehicle you have, it needs to be protected by a cover.Protecting your vehicle is a good idea and many people don’t realize importance of a good, quality cover.  Without a cover, your vehicle faces many “dangers” from day to day, so why not ensure that your investment is protected and save yourself some headache down the road?

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Tips For Choosing The Perfect Wedding Tent

Planning an outdoor wedding? If there is one predictable thing about the weather here in Alberta it’s that it is totally unpredictable. Tents are the perfect option for an outdoor affair, providing a covered event space with an open-air ambience. With that being said, tents are used for so much more than just protecting your beloved guests from rain and other unfavorable weather conditions. As a blank canvas, tents are the perfect starting point for wedding decor!

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Avoid disaster, use a canvas tent

Canvas Tents have been used for decades around the world as disaster relief shelter and emergency shelter for refugees. These tents are manufactured from durable fabric. In the harsh warm sun, heat is not easily transferred within a canvas tent, this allows the tent to keep cool in hot summer months. This means you’ll be comfortable and be able to escape the heat of the day. Canvas tents are even used for school groups, scout groups and church camps. Ideal for peacekeeping missions, army deployment and group accommodation, canvas tents are not easily weathered and is made from thick fabric to guarantee durability.

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