Our shade structures are designed to offer the maximum protection possible whilst still be aesthetically pleasing to the eye and the environment. With different options we are able to provide protection from harmful UV rays, or with our high quality PVDF vinyl fabric we are able to provide your customers protection from the sun, rain and hail.Our shades:-

    • Blocks and reflects more than 90% of harmful UV rays for the protection of people
    • Provides cool shade by allowing heat to flow and escape though the fabric (as the heat rises) resulting in pleasant cool shade to enjoy outdoors
    • Breathes to reduce temperature underneath noticeably
    • Easy to use and connect to trees and other posts
    • Mildew and tear resistant
    • Long life
    • Simple to clean with a hosepipe
    • Knitted construction with double lock stitches prevents fraying or tearing

Let us know your requirements and we can tailor make a shade structure designed to suit your specific needs.


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Waterproof Rust Gold Shade Net

Waterproof Desert Sand Shade Net