We have taken notice of the need for church tents due to the changing dynamics of churches and their need for tents for various purposes. In the formation stages of most churches, the cost of constructing a permanent structure appears to be beyond their means. Here is where Shade Systems comes in with a solution by providing durable tents that provide comfortable conditions no matter the weather. We provide church tents of various sizes depending on the needs of our clients.

Apart from the formation stages, churches also require tents during expansion of their permanent structures or during outdoor activities like garden weddings or seminars that are held outside the permanent structures. All these functions require well designed and durable tents.

Our well-developed infrastructure facilities  allow us to successfully handle the demands of quality finished  Church Tents. These tents are manufactured in compliance with international safety standards.  We ensure that the canvas fabric used in the manufacture is of superior grade and is manufactured under stringent quality control.
Shade Systems offers these in rectangular shapes in varying widths that can be customized as demanded by the customers. The other design and construction benefits provided by these tents include doors with open-able curtains,  side windows, durable standing poles (depending on the final tent size), tent walls supported by standing bamboo poles and convenience in handling as complete tent comes packed with needed accessories.

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