The new and innovative Automatic Car cover with anti-theft feature and solar panel.

The Automatic, Waterproof Car Covers Outdoor Sun Protection Auto Cover For Car Reflector Dust Rain Snow Protective Automatic Car Cover

Size Car Length
XL 4.5m-4.8m
XXL 4.8m-5.1m
XXXL 5.1m-5.3m
4XL 4.7m-5.2m

No matter what vehicle you drive, we have a huge selection of Automatic Car Covers that will fit vehicles of every make, model and year. Whether you drive a top of the line, new, luxury vehicle or you want to protect your timeless classic from the early 1900s, we have just the perfect Automatic Car Covers for you. Our precisely tailored Car Cover will ensure you have the best fitted Car Cover while our meticulously engineered, most advanced fabric will make sure your vehicle receives total protection from elements.

car cover

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