Looking for hospital tents? Then you have set your click at the right place.  We are leading Manufacturer of Hospital Tents. These tents are especially used for in the snow areas & heavy rains areas. These tents are entirely based on frames. These frames are made of Iron metal poles with connectors and powder coated. Shade Systems developed a unique rapid deployment emergency hospital for aid organizations. The modular system can be combined and extended in multi ways. 
These are large commercial tents that are designed specifically so that the Hospital activities can be undertaken in the Hospital Tent. This tent can be served as Basic Clinic, Army Field Hospital, Mobile hospital, First aid & rescue operations, Checking outdoor Patients, Operation theaters, emergency medical treatment, Doctors Staff Room, Patients Wards & suitable of accommodation.
Features we provide:

  • Lightweight & Movable
  • Easy-set up (25 to 30 minutes, 4 persons)
  • Fire retardant, UV resistant and waterproof
  • Comfortable height and space

We deal with other foreign countries for the same that makes us a popular exporter too. Here, at Shade Systems, you will find huge opportunity of choices for hospital tents, for they are available in a variety of shapes and sizes.
The built of these tents depends on the requirement and the place where they are to be utilized. These durable and highly portable tents are completely based and built on metal frames. Iron and other metal poles that are power coated to make it last longer are used as connectors to let the structure stand erectly and accurately. 

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