Love Your Car

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Go anywhere in the world and the one thing that is greatly valued aside from a child, I think, is a car. I mean in some parts of the world like the US it is practically impossible to get around let alone live your life comfortably without one. It then only stands to reason that your car needs and ultimately deserves the best possible care you can give it. Now this generally means keeping it clean, regular maintenance and proper service every once in a while. All this is well and good and essential to keeping your ‘baby’ healthy and very well cared for.
We however tend to overlook another very crucial element to keeping your car in shape especially here in Kenya-sun damage. This is another very pertinent risk to our vehicles that is rarely if ever put into consideration. We all know it is always better to prevent anything than to cure it and this very well applies here. Preventing sun damage is most definitely immensely cheaper and overall easier to do than to repair. We can’t also overlook the fact that it would be such great inconvenience for somebody already accustomed to using their vehicle every single day.
Having said all this, there is a solution to all this-a car shade, or placing your car under a shade. Now in this beautiful country of ours, space in our urban areas is somewhat lacking what with the rapid urbanization we have experienced these past decades. This in turn provides another problem for somebody in need of adequate shading that still is convenient for their car and how available this is as well. We could say go requisition our counties and our leaders to have these problems solved but really who has the time to wait? Or even the money? In comes the ultimate solution, Shade Systems East Africa Ltd.
We have everything you could possibly desire in a car shade system and at the most affordable prices anybody could ever wish for. What’s more we have all this and more in a great variety of convenience. But before we get to that, I should just highlight another advantage to having an appropriate and functional car shade. It could very well save you or a loved one’s life. How you ask? I cannot honestly count the number of stories I have read online of children trapped in cars or even grown people suffering of a heat stroke while seated waiting inside their cars for even the briefest of periods. And I cannot imagine the agony of such a painful demise. This is why I cannot over emphasize the importance of preventing such a scenario from occurring.
Now granted our placing in the world map-the tropics- the weather is prone to change quite disproportionately. By this I simply mean that our weather changes from blistering sunshine to downpours in just a matter of moments quite often. This therefore goes more to the fact that a car shade is quite essential. At Shade Systems we offer this range of car shading systems that caters to all these changes. We have shades that prevent heat damage to our car interiors by drastically reducing the temperature inside the vehicle. We also provide fully waterproof structures to protect your car from water damage which can be quite devastating and expensive in its entirety.
This might all sound rigid and expensive but I can assure you, you cannot get a better service provider in the entire region that does what we do. Why? We greatly value our clients and therefore offer products customized to our clients’ very specific needs at affordable prices which is overall great value for their money; quality products that are durable and capable to withstand our adverse weather.
So, love your car just a little bit more today.