A Real Jack of All Trades

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Jack of all trades, master of none is a figure of speech used in reference to a person that is competent with many skills, but spends so much time learning each new skill that they cannot become an expert in any particular one.
In the 16th century, various trades were populated by Jacks – lumberjacks, steeplejacks for example, and sailors were Jack-tars. The name Jack was also added to many utilitarian objects which in some way took the place of a lad or man, for example; smoke-jack (a roasting pit), boot-jack (for pulling off boots), jack-frame (a carpenter’s swing) est. There can’t have been any trades in the Middle Ages that didn’t make use of jack of some sort.
With that background information, it is my pleasure to introduce you to one Jack of all Trades that offers expertise, variety and still delivers value while at it; the car parking shade.
Initially the main functions of a car parking shade were to protect the car from the sun’s harmful U.V rays. But with time, just like Jack, the parking shade learnt and perfected other skills. And because I’m a cheerful giver, I will share these golden tips with you.
Did you know that you can use a parking shade as an outdoor dining area?
Of course you can!
When family comes over for a major barbecue and you do not have a balcony,porch or garden to use as an outdoor dining area, your parking shade has your back. Set a table the right size to make sure everyone is protected from the sun and make sure you do not roast or cook anything under it because of the heat and smoke. Sometimes it can ruin the shade depending on what material makes it.
Fill tiny buckets with wildflowers and a half pinch of water and suspend the bouquets from the fabric around the poles of the parking shade using clips or skinny ribbon to make it feel a lot like home than a parking lot. Be sure to help guests keep their cool too; it is not every day that a car parking shade is converted into a dining area.
Did you also know that your car parking shade can serve as a mini-garden?
Ooh yes!
I love gardens. I love the aesthetic value flowers add to any environment. The color, the scents in the morning sun, the cheer, the bees, the butterflies – ooh what a sight.
When you identify polite flowers like heuchera, nemeseia,calla lilies,e.t.c. and you grow them in colorful containers and then you hang them carefully along the poles of the car parking shade using hooks …you have just made this world a better place. I like encouraging this in cities and busy towns where nature is soiled rivers and polluted air. Grow flowers in pots and hang them in car parking shades and watch the magic happen. They will clean the air and make the city feel like somewhere in the Amazon.
Car parking shades should be one of the wedding planners’ favorite things. Sometimes couples want a wedding at their backyard with the cheapest budget creating the planner’s worst nightmare. It should be simpler than ‘abc’ if there is a car parking shade in the vicinity. Get fabrics, preferably lace, and transform the shade into an altar where the couple can say their I Dos. Place your favorite blooms in half fill glass jars, tie ribbon, fabric or twine around the poles for a romantic and very pretty look. You can also do extra touches by adding decorative elements like metal or ceramic ornaments or even strings of beads and hang them then step back and watch the magic work.
I could go on and on about this Jack, but because I need to leave more room for my next article I will wrap it up by recommending that you consider buying a Car Parking Shade if you don’t have it or at least play around with the one you already have to make your life a bit more random, fun but most importantly cost-effective.
The car parking shade is certainly the only Jack of all trades that after a long time, will still offer expertise, variety and value. Get yourself one.