Storage tents in Kenya

Storage tents are gaining popularity each and every day. They are an affordable alternative to permanent storage structures and inexpensive. What’s more? Storage tents are environmental friendly and have a low carbon footprint. At Shade Systems EA Limited, we have embraced the “going green” mantra and all our products are manufactured with Mother Nature in mind. We believe that it is the high time everybody took responsibility for his environment in any way possible. Every little thing you do is will make a whole lot of difference in saving this planet. This is why shade systems EA limited has embarked in the manufacture of environmental friendly products
If you’re in need of some extra square footage to store things we can provide you with as little as 100 sq. ft. and as much as 20,000 sq. ft. all under one tent.  Storage tents come in handy.
Shade Systems storage tents provides a flexible distribution of flexible space, avoiding the need to increase the production of space rental, remote working and other hidden costs. Storage Tent construction does not require a permanent foundation, can be built in almost any ground —- asphalt, concrete or grass, and so on.

Tents in flexibility and economy is far superior to conventional steel structures, construction of buildings and do not have the required land permits trouble. Because of the basic conditions require less, cost is also low, so its maintenance is simple and inexpensive.