Car Park Shades in Kenya

We are all aware of the damage sun can do to our automobiles and how heat trapped in our vehicle can be deadly within minutes. And we all know what it’s like to climb into a car on a sunny day and not be able to grip the steering wheel without being burnt!
A Shade Systems car shade Structure can eliminate these concerns immediately reducing the temperature in the vehicle. By reducing the temperature the air conditioner will work more efficiently providing cool air in seconds.

At Shade systems we specialize in the design, manufacture and installation of a wide range of applications to suit your Car Shading requirements.From shading to fully waterproof structures.
Shade systems provide a wide range of Car Parking shades which are widely appreciated by our clients for easy installation and negligible maintenance. These are available in the various customized sizes & dimensions and can be easily installed by the end user. Our products are available in the market at cost effective prices and are known for their various features such as capacity to withstand adverse weather conditions, durability and optimum quality.

Cantilever car parking shades are ideal for venues where the shaded area needs to remain free of columns.  It can be attached to the wall or supported by metal frames. Shade systems Cantilevered car parking shades combine functionality and strength with very little ground impact. Posts are kept to a minimum and to one side of the structure.  Roof materials include PVC, acrylic, Teflon coated fabric, shade cloth and solid color bond® sheets. Shade Systems Cantilever car parking shades has many benefits, with posts being tucked out of the way and shade being maximized.

  • Ease of parking
  • Reduced accident risk
  • Cars are cool and dry.
  • Aesthetically pleasing feature

Car Park Shades are very attractive and affordable alternative to the conventional Garage. Ideal for  schools, shopping centers, clubs,hotels and homes.